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Cultivate Arts Festival – keep generosity flowing


‘Flowing Free’ Fountain

Generosity was the theme of this year’s Cultivate Arts Festival, celebrating the creative arts, and a large-scale flowing fountain has been created by XAP member Liz Sergeant.

‘Flowing Free’  – a 3m x 2m installation in a church –  represents a powerful, joyous image of generosity – refreshing, renewing and regenerating. The fountain has been created from hundreds of meters of recycled and donated materials, and is the focal point for a programme of events throughout the week.

The project has involved the help and support from a number of groups from the wider community. A 70-strong team of artists, musicians, poets, guest speakers, teachers, bakers, greeters and installers have generously shared their talents to make this a collaborative event, contributing to the preparation of materials as well as the content of the events. 700 visitors (including 420 primary school children) explored and considered the fountain from different viewpoints in the building, and were invited to ‘keep generosity flowing’ by adding droplets to the installation with their personal thoughts or images about generosity. 700 droplets mirrored the fountain as they flowed around the church, over the side arches towards the altar.

In 2019 the second Cultivate Arts Festival has grown to 18 events in 5 participating locations in a week-long programme, across a town of 30,000 people. www.cultivate.me.uk 

‘Stunning – so uplifting and inspirational’ –  Festival visitor

Cultivate Arts Festival  – 23rd – 30th June, Harpenden, Herts

Processions – Live Art Project 2018

XAP’s Liz Sergeant was invited to work with Scottish artist Ruth Ewan as part of this UK-wide live art project organised by Artichoke, to celebrate the centenary of Women’s Suffrage. 100 women artists created 100 banners for a procession inspired by 100 suffragettes. Liz joined Ruth’s workshop with women from Nine Elms to provide content input about activist Charlotte Despard, who was their nominated suffragette. The group met throughout March and April to create a Charlotte Despard-inspired banner for the march through London on June 10th 2018. Simultaneous marches were held in Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast.  With participants wearing either green, white or violet, the colours of the suffrage movement, the Processions march appeared as a flowing river of colour through the city streets.

More information about Processions can be found here.

3D colour walls inspired by Mondrian

XAP’s Liz Sergeant has been challenging older students at a local school during their Year of Art. This workshop introduced perspective and the power of primary colours through the work of Piet Mondrian. Examining Mondrian’s progression towards abstraction and his use of geometric shapes, colour and line, the children learned how to create a striking colour block wall with an amazing 3D effect.

For more information see Liz’s website