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Cultivate Arts Festival – keep generosity flowing


‘Flowing Free’ Fountain

Generosity was the theme of this year’s Cultivate Arts Festival, celebrating the creative arts, and a large-scale flowing fountain has been created by XAP member Liz Sergeant.

‘Flowing Free’  – a 3m x 2m installation in a church –  represents a powerful, joyous image of generosity – refreshing, renewing and regenerating. The fountain has been created from hundreds of meters of recycled and donated materials, and is the focal point for a programme of events throughout the week.

The project has involved the help and support from a number of groups from the wider community. A 70-strong team of artists, musicians, poets, guest speakers, teachers, bakers, greeters and installers have generously shared their talents to make this a collaborative event, contributing to the preparation of materials as well as the content of the events. 700 visitors (including 420 primary school children) explored and considered the fountain from different viewpoints in the building, and were invited to ‘keep generosity flowing’ by adding droplets to the installation with their personal thoughts or images about generosity. 700 droplets mirrored the fountain as they flowed around the church, over the side arches towards the altar.

In 2019 the second Cultivate Arts Festival has grown to 18 events in 5 participating locations in a week-long programme, across a town of 30,000 people. www.cultivate.me.uk 

‘Stunning – so uplifting and inspirational’ –  Festival visitor

Cultivate Arts Festival  – 23rd – 30th June, Harpenden, Herts

Cultivate Arts Festival – an ambitious installation

XAP’s Liz Sergeant has been instrumental in organising Cultivate, a major new arts festival celebrating the creative arts, taking place from 21-24th June in Harpenden, Hertfordshire. Various locations across the town are hosting exhibitions, installations, concerts, workshops, pottery, poetry and performances with the aim of bringing together people of all ages to participate in art in all its forms.

Liz and a small team have created an ambitious art installation ‘In and Out of Order’, within the space of a local church, on the theme of the environment and our place within it. A riot of ribbons, hanging in the space, tell the story of the beauty of creation, which we have destroyed and polluted through plastic and deforestation. The ribbons become monochromatic, and charred branches and sculptures made of waste materials hang in the space. Yet hope and redemption are promised in the shape of a 7ft gnarled, splintered wooden cross, entwined with ivy and bursting with tiny white flowers.

Liz reached out to the wider community for help with this project, and received managed contributions from various local groups – including schools, the Brownies and Rainbows.  Visitors were invited to interact with the installation by leaving their mark and taking away a handful of wild flower seeds to nurture at home.

The installation was the setting for a programme of talks, poetry readings and concerts throughout the week, all on the subject of the environment.

Visitors described the installation as ‘Thought-provoking’ ‘Powerful’ and ‘Inspiring’.

Liz was interviewed on BBC Three Counties Radio about the festival, and the local paper helped to publicise this exciting new event.

Plans are afoot to make Cultivate an annual festival – for information about 2019 watch this space!