Overlap @ Goldsmiths Computational Arts

Goldsmiths’ MA/MFA Computational Arts show, ‘Overlap’ opens this evening at the deconsecrated church St James in New Cross.  Amongst many other exciting and fresh new works in computational arts, Laura Dekker’s new project, ‘Salty Bitter Sweet’ will go through its new incarnation:

“The Machine has made itself, quietly, unnoticed, in a back room. From partially broken and discarded components. Now it tries to explore and understand the world in which it finds itself. It tastes what it sees – abandoned pieces of junk, rotting matter. In response, tentatively, it begins to express itself, in machinic love poetry and soundscape.”

Come feed The Machine!



Overlap Private View 6pm-9pm Thursday 7th Sept

Show runs 7th-10th Sept at St James, Goldsmiths, New Cross, London