XAP’s Spring/Summer Show: Daylight Saving at Geddes Gallery

daylight saving med

For their spring/summer show 2016, XAP will inhabit the old deli and the flat above at Geddes Gallery, taking as a point of departure ideas around time, making (un)subtle interventions with and around the leftovers from the last occupants of the building.

In the store room, two lobster-sized electronic creatures roam – their remit to act out their part in the creation myth…
elsewhere, cobwebs are transported from another home and placed in delicate thread display cases…
empty catheter boxes line the deli shelves…
a collector’s hoard of used train tickets form an index, a catalogue, a demarcation of specific journeys in time.

Exhibiting Artists: Sarah Cave-McMullan, Anya Charikov-Mickleburgh, T. Croxton, Laura Dekker, Teague Flannery, Alison Griffin, Ute Kirkwood, Theresia Lynch, Angela Mellen, Ana Oak, Ed Saye, Elizabeth Sandford Richardson, Liz Sergeant, Dina Varpahovsky

Thursday 26th – Sunday 29th of May
Thurs-Sat 11am-7pm
Sun 11am-5pm

Private View Thursday 26th May 6-9pm
with ‘Bare Facts’ performed by Apple Tart

Geddes Gallery
26 Caledonian Road
London N1 9DU