Liz’s Lectures in full flow – Autumn Term 2023

Liz Sergeant is delivering ‘Making Sense of Modern Art’ again this autumn as part of a range of courses delivered through Harpenden’s Learning for Leisure organisation. Liz’s lectures begin in 1860s with the start of the Modern era, and explore art and artists making work right up to the present day. “It’s a whistle-stop tour of some of the key art movements from the past 160 years –an exciting journey to take in just ten weeks!” states Liz. “The classes are very interactive and we’re having a lot of fun debating What is Art.”

Previous course members have been enthusiastic about the course:

“Liz’s clear structure with regular recaps put everything into context. Her communication style was absolutely super and she clearly knows her stuff but manages to communicate it in a really accessible way. A real talent!”

“I saw the art and artists within the context of their times and this helped to challenge some of my preconceptions.”