Estuary Festival 2021 – 22nd May – 13th June

A rich and exciting programme of art encounters, projects and participations are on offer across Kent and Essex for this year’s Estuary Festival.

XAP artists Laura Dekker and Liz Sergeant have been involved in ‘The Water Replies’, a participatory creative journaling project. Over a period of three months during the first lockdown, people were invited to document their responses to life around the Thames Estuary and the rivers beyond. Laura explored the River Moselle, one of London’s lost rivers, which rises in Queens Wood Highgate and flows into the River Lea at Tottenham, while Liz shared her encounters with the River Lea, further upstream in Batford. As an extension of the project, Laura and Liz walked the River Lea together towards the Thames to where the rivers join at Bow Creek, asking questions of the river and considering its replies.

Each of the 80 journals created for The Water Replies project has been carefully filmed and an online archive of their pages has been created here