Creative Machine 2 Brings Together Artists from St Petersburg and UK

Expressive Machine #2The Creative Machine 2 exhibition opens on London on 7th November at St James Hatcham Gallery, Goldsmiths. The exhibition explores “the twilight world between human and machine creativity”, and follows the seminal Creative Machine exhibition of 2014. The exhibition will show works by selected artists linked to Goldsmiths and artists from the CYLAND MediaArtLab based in St Petersburg, Russia.  Developed in association with the Youth Education Center at the State Hermitage and The Leonardo Journal, the works shown include Laura Dekker’s Expressive Machine #2, an intelligent machine hybrid that explores machine emotion and human-machine relationships.  Other works by leading computational artists explore themes of machine creativity using immersive virtual reality, kinetic sculpture and machine learning. The exibition runs from 7th-18th November, and includes talks and a panel discussion chaired by Simon Ings, New Scientist Culture Editor.

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