Virtuality Mortality

XAP have brought together an international group of artists and technologists, combining performance, multi-sensory installations, interactive robotics, paint, machine learning, dance, sculpture, video, print and audio.

We explore communications, tensions and potentials between the realms of the Real and Virtual, depicted as an intense ecology of digital, organic, human and machine; living, decaying, reborn and undead.  Experience the moment of Unoriginal Sin via QR code; see the unseen ‘Last free NHS bed’; let an AI ransack your email and create a ’zine all about you; taste the Big Heap of decaying technology; notify The System of the Final Wishes for your online self.  Visit through the eyes of The (hu)Ma(n)chine; prepare yourself to forget; follow the elusive trail of messages from an other place.

Virtuality Mortality was selected as part of Ugly Duck’s Real/Virtual creative programme during 2017, at their impressive and atmospheric Victorian factory building at 47/49 Tanner Street, next to Tower Bridge in London.

Events over the weekend 14/15 Oct 2017 include…  participatory performances; ‘Tech Vet’ Clinics for your sick gadgets; Big Draw workshops; artists’ tours; a final ‘Takedown/Breakdown performance… where does this waste go?’.