Psychotropic House acknowledgements

PrintA massive thankyou to all our supporters:




Yinka Shonibare and everyone at Guest Projects for making this project possible; to John Thomas who is advising on visual impairment; Steve Hailes, Dept Computer Science at UCL for donating Engduinos for the Lounge; Roger Plumb and John Jenkyns from the Lawes Agricultural Trust for the loan of two thermohygrographs.

Thankyou to all our backers on Kickstarter who have pledged their support for our campaign: Meike Brunkhorst, Natalie Ung, Jacqueline Dodd, Andrew Wootton, Scott Summers, Bari Parkhill, Ruth Siobhan Dekker, Jan Mellmann, ??? Mystery Backer, Glide Paragliding School & Tandem, Clara Dekker, Sheila Mary Walton, Martin Wilson x 2, Sarah Boyce, Laura Carberry, Roger Walton, Abie Hadjitarkhani, Dave Walton, John Mickleburgh, Sarah Poppleton, Mark Collins-Cope, Katie Coxon, Barry Smyth, Maria Banks, Allison Cooper, Harriet Tyce, Suzanne de Emmony, Susanne, Julia McCulloch, Caroline Rogers, Susan Sykes, John Taylor, Chloe Fletcher, Steve Athanasiou, Fiona Goddard, Anita Samant, Tracy Macintosh, Sally O’ Loughlin,  Anita James, Simon Meddle x 2, Katharina Gruber, Beate Mellmann, Kathryn Birss, Susan Batten, Laura, Dawn Hoy, John Hamway, Alexandra Brain, Matthew Gilby, Clive Gilby, Tony Allen, June Allen, Harriet Livock, Ed Saye, Katharine McGuigan, SLWA – South London Women Artists, John and Patricia Ley, Jo Mitchell, Philippa Segrave-Pride, Vasiliki Tsatsami, Anne Eggebert, Aries Chau.

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